General Terms and Conditions for

Please do read the general Terms and Conditions carefully. The general conditions regulate the connection between iVision EOOD and the people who use the website and the online shop. The use of the site and the online shop is linked with agreement to the main general conditions. If you do not agree with them, please do not use and visit this website. By clicking on any link, application and/ or icon on the website, you are unconditionally and explicitly agreeing to the terms of this site.


„iVision“ refers to „iVision“ ЕООD, with seat and management address in Sofia 1680, Krasno selo , zh. Borovo,ul. „Pirinski prohod“ № 47 G, ЕИК 202984240, phone number: +359 89 9983620, email address:, in the quality of acting as an owner of the online shop iCorner.

„ZZP“ refers to user protection legislation.

„ЗЗЛД“ (ZZLD) refers to a law for the protection of personal private information.

„ЗПУ“ (ZPU) refers to a law regarding mail services.

“”, „online shop“, refers to a virtual shop, which can be accessed at the and gives users the opportunity to make purchases online.

„Consumer“ refers to a user by the meaning of ZZP paragraph 13, point 1 from DP of the law.

„Personal data“ refers to personal information

„Cash on delivery“ refers to the cash paid on delivery to the point of ZPU.

„Trade guarantee” refers to every responsibility, which is taken, from the trader or from the manufacturer to the consumer in addition to the trader’s obligation to protect consumers by law. Responsibility is taken by the trader in case of necessity to assure accordance of the product with the contract of the sale, to restore the paid amount , to replace the product, or to provide another kind of service, related to the product when the product doesn’t correspond to the specifications or other requirements unrelated with the conformity of the electronics with the contract, specified in the application to provide commercial guarantee or in the relevant advertising made at the time of conclusion or before that.

Terms of using the site


1. Registration to the site is free and is necessary only in case of making use of certain features. Browsing the site is free and the user is not bound to register with it. Registration is only necessary for making use of the site’s services or for buying electronics, which are offered in the online shop. The fields which must be filled in are marked with a star. Upon successful completion of the registration process, the user shall receive an email with a username and a password, which he or she can use for the recently created profile.

2. When registering on the site, the user must provide true, correct and full information by completing all required fields from the registration form.

3.Information services on the website are delivered as published with iVision having no responsibility for the accuracy of the information published.

Personal information

4. iVision EOOD, ЕИК 202984240, in its position of an administrator of personal information with an identification number 401152 in the Register of personal data and registers, as evidenced by the certificate issued on 01.06.2014 by the president of the commission for personal data protection, is entitled to receive personal information from people which the information applies to ,,iVision EOOD’’ processes all personal information related with its product retail trade activity lawfully and conscientiously and does not process data in any way deemed incompatible with those purposes.

5. Upon provision of personal information to iVision EOOD, the user gives his/her permission to iVision EOOD to collect, keep, process his/her personal information according to the requirements and limitations of the ZZLD.

6. Disclosure of personal information is done only for the people the information relates to, or under the power of a normative act if necessary.

7.By accepting the terms and conditions, the user gives his unconditional agreement, unless explicit written disagreement is filed that his personal information, which was given by him/her, can be used, stored and processed by iVision or authorized persons for purposes linked with the sale or with the contract made for the ordered product.

8. Every individual person has the right to access his own personal information and at any time he/she wishes by sending a written request to iVision EOOD to delete, correct or block a private information which has been processed in a way which breaches the requirements of the ZZLD.

Purchases and orders

9. Purchases can be made only by registered users only who are aware of the terms and conditions. In order to make a purchase, it is necessary to fill a register form for an order. Online orders from the online shop could be made only for the items, which the system allows to be added to the shopping cart.

10. The system for orders in the online shop reflects the availability of items at the time of inspection. Yet, it is it is possible for certain items and / or accessories, which appear as "available" in the online store at the time of inspection, to be exhausted when an order is placed and, therefore, cannot be ordered and / or delivered through the online store. In any case, however, confirms the possibility / impossibility of delivery of the commodity requested through the electronic system.

11. You can change all parts of the purchase in the online system and it is mandatory for to inform the user for the confirmed delivery with the address indicated by the user by email or via a phone call in a period no longer than the moment of sending the message.

12. Upon confirmation of the specified delivery to the user, enters a contract for a sale by distance between the user and ,,iVision‘’ where the electronics purchased will be delivered to the consumer according to the rules mentioned below.

13. In order to make a purchase from the site, in case that there are several discounts on electronics, the consumer can use only one of the discounts of his own choice that he/she has.

14. To make an order/ pay for a product/or service through the site, the user must comply with the following criteria:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • has a permanent address in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • has filled the registration form fully and correctly;
  • has agreed with the general terms and conditions;
  • has provided and opportunity for receiving the delivery.

15. The prices are only in Bulgarian leva and are valid only in the moment of publication. reserves its right to change them in any time without notifying the users. Prices in the site are final and include all taxes except the price of delivery, which you have to pay separately.

16. Payment of the product ordered in the online shop can be done in several ways:

COD (in Bulgarian lev)

In this case, upon delivery by courier, the buyer receives an invoice indicating the ordered goods, their selling price and the cost of delivery. The purchaser gives the courier the amount of money equal to the total amount indicated in the invoice, which includes the cost of goods and shipping costs. The transmission of the amount is noted in the packing slip certifying the transmission and receipt of goods specified in the invoice by courier to the buyer, which serves as a receipt. By signing the acceptance protocol, the purchaser endows the courier with the right to deliver on his/her behalf and at the expense of "iVision" the amount representing the purchase price of the goods supplied.

By bank transfer

The consumer pays an amount equal to the value of the goods supplied and confirms an order to the bank account of "iVision" Ltd. referred to in the generated invoice. Once payment is confirmed and received and the bank account is credited with the corresponding amount, will perform delivery of the ordered goods and services.

Payment through a virtual POS terminal

The consumer pays an amount equal to the value of goods supplied under the confirmed order through a virtual POS terminal. It is only when transaction after payment is confirmed that performs delivery of ordered goods and services. Payment of the ordered product from the online shop can be done in cash on delivery only in Bulgarian leva.


17. Delivery is made by courier services “Rapido”. Delivery is made based on the information taken from the registration of the user. When receiving the products, it is only the person who has made the contract by distance that can sign the acceptance protocol. The customer has to show a valid ID card, sign his/her name in the acceptance protocol, which he/she has received from the courier, certifying that he/she has received the delivery. We deliver only within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

18. If the user who has made the purchase is not available to receive it, then a family member a colleague can receive the delivery. If the package cannot be received in its first delivery, the courier shall leave a message with a phone number, which the user can call and request a new time for the delivery. If this happens in the second visit and the consumer does not call in a period of 3 days, the contract by distance will be cancelled. In this case, as a sanction for his/her failure to observe the conditions of the contract, shall keep the amount paid by the customer.

19. When receiving the products from the courier, the consumer is required to check if there are faults, a missing accessory, or a missing document and has to inform the person who has made the delivery immediately. In case the customer fails to inform the delivery agent, the delivery will be deemed approved and the consumer loses every right to claim that the product has been delivered faulty. Reclamations of purchased products from the online shop are in line with the rules of ZZP and according to the terms and conditions of the commercial warranty, if such warranty has been provided have. The address for filing complaint is the seat of iVision EOOD as mentioned in the general terms and conditions.

Telephone number for technical support: 0878221048;
Email address for technical support;

20. If product or package have been confirmed as faulty, will replace it with a new one under the warranty of the company manufacturer or will recover the value of the paid electronics according to part 55 from ZZP from the date that the consumer has exercised his/her right for cancellation or from the day that the customer has established a damage of it, if the item is still in warranty. After this period of warranty has ended or in case of damaging the packaging or the state of the goods, repairs will be made by the service providers as noted on the guarantee card. The transport or other expenses for receiving or sending the products have to be paid by the consumer.

21. For non-compliance of the product with its main characteristics mentioned in the page with its description, refunds the consumer with the entire amount of the purchase in 14 days from the day the product was returned. If the items have been returned in a damaged condition, or any of the documents, i.e. the acceptance protocol for the delivery, the receipt, the guarantee card, have not been presented, the amount paid for the product will be not be refunded and the reclamation will be not accepted from

Cancellation of a signed contract by distance made by the user.

22. In view of ZZP, the user/buyer has the right to cancel the contract by distance on the basis of term 50 and reasons to follow from ZZP without having to provide a reason for so doing and without having to be charged a compensation, except for the costs provided in term 54, paragraph 3, and term 55 from ZZP in period of 14 days starting from the date on which he/she received the electronics, or the order was received by a third person that is not the courier, or when the user has ordered several products in a single order which will be delivered separately. Then, what is considered is the date on which the user or the third person, who is different from the courier, has accepted the item.

23. The right to contract cancellation can be exercised only if the consumer has kept the original package from the product, the receipt, and the guarantee card.

24. If the right to cancel the contact by distance has been exercised, the user has to return the item in a period no longer than 14 days, starting from the date on which the user has informed for his/her decision to cancel the contract in view of point 21 of the general terms and conditions.

25. All expenses for the return of items, even the transport ones, have to be paid by the consumer.

26. Responsibility associated with the risk of accidental damage from the point of receiving the product to the moment of its return to lies with the customer.

27. In case of contract cancellation, when cancellation has been executed in a timely manner and all terms and conditions have been respected, gives back to the customer the amount paid and received in a period no longer than 14 days starting from the day on which the item has been returner to

28. The consumer cannot claim to have the amount paid back if has agreed to replace the product in a period no longer than 30 days from the date of the reclamation.

Guarantee and post guarantee service

29. is responsible for every nonconformity of a consumer’s product with the sale contract, which exists upon delivery of the product or occurs in two years after its delivery even if the consumer is not aware of it.

30. With every delivery of goods which have guarantee service gives the user a guarantee card with all relevant information about the product and the guarantee period as well as all terms and conditions of the guarantee, if there are any.

31. When buying a product from the online shop, the user accepts the main conditions and the guarantee conditions for the specified product, which the manufacturer provides.

32.The user loses his entitlement to the guarantee in the following cases:

  • Lost guarantee card;
  • Attempting to make a repair by using unauthorized service providers which is not agreed with Icorner;
  • In case of damage due to inappropriate use;
  • In case of violation of the physical integrity of the product;
  • In case of exerting unusual impact upon the product which is not related to its normal functioning;

33. The guarantee does not cover other components of the product such as batteries, cables, or similar objects.

34. The guarantee service is available only in the respective iCorner service centers on the condition that the full documentation and accessories for the product are presented.

35. After the expiry two-year warranty of the products, provided by their manufacturer, offers after guarantee service for the products, which were bought from the online shop. To use the after-warranty services, the user has to show the acceptance protocol, which he/she had accepted from the courier upon delivery, fill out a contract form for service, and make the respective payment for the service.

36. In case there is a need for a product to be repaired after the 2 year guarantee period, the user should get in touch with a member of the iCorner team via email or phone number 0878221048. The user appoints a day and time to bring the product to be repaired and sign the respective repair service contract

37. is responsible to return the product to its consumer in a period no longer than 14 days from its acceptance.

38. If the problem cannot be solved by iCorner’s service team within 14 days, informs the user via phone or via the email address provided.


39. Information and images about the products on sale in the online shop is obtained from the manufacturer or the importer. seeks to obtain and publish information from sources whose names are cited but is not responsible for the correctness, accuracy and completeness of the information and when information is provided in a misleading way or there is a discrepancy between the description and the actual condition of the products. When the source is not quoted, the information has been made publically available and is not to be held is not responsible for the content of this type of information, arising discrepancy or false or misleading advertising in view of the Competitors Protection Law (ZZK).

40. The site publishers are not responsible for errors or omissions as well as any problems that may arise due to occasional technical factors or malicious attacks, as well as typographical errors.

41. does not take responsibility for wrong or / and incorrectly filled orders, or in cases when the user has provided false, inaccurate, incomplete and outdated information. may deny all or partial access to the user to all or some of the services offered by the online store.

42. The site contains links to other websites where iVision Ltd does not control and is not responsible for the content of the information published. Links to other sites do not mean that or its owner approves the products or services offered on these links.

43. The user explicitly agrees to use at his/her own risk and accepts that he/she is obligated not to seek justice from, respectively from its owners and employees, for any damages resulting from the use of the services of the site. and its owner are not responsible, directly of indirectly, for error, completeness and timeliness of the information provided on this website. The perception of the information that is presented on the website depends on many factors including scientific, business, economic, and financial ones. Hence, the visitor should be aware of a risk associated with improper understanding and interpretation of the information. and its owner do not take responsibility, directly or indirectly, for any possible damage or expense related to the computer equipment of a user who is making use the site or other property damage caused by accessing the and its owner do not take responsibility, directly or indirectly, for damage that results from the use or inability to use the site or its connected services.

44. and its owner are not responsible for the time during in which the user’s product is detained for post – guarantee service under a contract for service and after-guarantee service, even if the product cannot be repaired. and its owner are not responsible for data storage and/ or loss of information from the respective serviced product as well.

45. retains its right to publish names, models and other information about products in English or other languages when:

a) There is a chance that translating the respective information would impinge on its quality and valuable information about the features of the product would be lost.

b) There is no commonly accepted term to be used in Bulgarian language.

c) The product itself carries information in English or other languages, i.e. software, music, films in English or other languages.

46. All prices on the website are in Bulgarian leva and include VAT. In case there are several versions offered of the product, the respective prices are displayed for each of the versions. retains the right to make changes in the products, services, prices and other features of products it has published. The users are considered to be informed of the changes made from the time the respective changes are published. Information about products online may as well not be entirely updated, yet, in any case, the users shall be notified of the most up-to-date information regarding the product they have ordered through an online form. Some of the information published on the website may be concerning products, services and programmes which are not available at that very instant.


47. It is the venture’s responsibility to keep data of registered users on after they have filled in the registration form containing a user name and a password. Each order made through the online store will be considered valid by if the username and password used have been accepted as valid by the system no matter if another person who is different from the holder of the login details used them.

48. The copyright on all materials on the site are owned by, except when specified their owner has been explicitly noted or the information in question is publicly available. Online or other copying of the information from the site, including copying to other websites without’s knowledge, is strictly forbidden. The distribution of materials from this site in any form for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without express written consent of, is strictly forbidden. The use of any materials for personal purposes, including printing pages is allowed.

49.The users of the website and the online shop can use the products and the services offered by for personal needs on condition that they do not violate the copyright of or that of third persons who are directly or indirectly related with the materials on the site.

50. When products which are objects of copyright or industrial property, trademarks, patents and others are bought, does not confer any additional right for the products’ use and distribution, unless specifically mentioned by the manufacturer and/ or the distributor for the Republic of Bulgaria.

51. and the team that supports the services of this website strive for timely update of the information displayed and also constantly try to reduce the time for debugging, which occasionally might arise.

52. retains its right to make changes to the terms of delivery or any information published on the site at any time without notice after featuring it in the terms and conditions.

53.By accepting these conditions of use, the user declares that he/she realizes the possibility of any disruption or other difficulties in connecting to the site, which may occur despite the maintenance effort by the technical support team of

54. Queries and consultations with users can be performed online through the website, by contacting an assistant on 0878221048 from 10:00 to 22:00 o’clock daily, or by sending an email to the respective email addresses.

55.The Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time by posting them on the site When using the site it is assumed that consumers are familiar with these Terms, accept them and shall comply with them.

56. retains its right to send users messages regarding new products and services, promotions, changes in the delivery terms and conditions or any other changes in the information which is published on the website.

57. Provisions of Bulgarian legislation are applied for outstanding issues in the Terms and Conditions. Any disputes concerning the interpretation and application of the Terms and Conditions and/or contracts for distance selling and contracts for after-sales service concluded on the basis of the Terms and Conditions will be resolved by dint of a settlement. In failing to achieve such a settlement, the dispute will be resolved by the competent Bulgarian court according to the rules for jurisdiction disputes of the Civil Procedure Code.